My role
UX Research, Prototyping, UI Design
This project was developed as case study with focus on UI Design
Gestalt principles investigate how the mind organizes and interprets the visual elements of the surrounding.
Every day, our brain perceives a huge amount of information, which is processed to generate a meaningful and useful interpretation to help us interact with the environment safely. We can utilize psychology to design an interface according to the perception biases of human perception and provide intuitive user experience.
Good practices for user interface design generate a impact on usability that reverberates in the product retention rate
A well-designed product features an interface that instills confidence in the user through visual elements that guide, instruct, and communicate the results of interactions with the system. User Interface (UI) seeks to ensure that navigation is simple and efficient, meaning the user can learn how to perform tasks and extract value from interacting with the product.

In the digital product market, we have the benefit of choice; if a product doesn't provide us with a positive emotional experience, we can simply look for an alternative.
To ensure survival, companies and designers must not only develop products that are effective, but also improve​​​​​​​ the positive aspects of the user experience and limit or eliminate the negative aspects of the user experience.

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